New URL and here’s why…

Barely a few weeks into the blog however, I realised that I could take this so much further than I’d ever imagined, and that actually this was a lot of fun! Plus my love for the holidays was just as strong as my love for the fifteen or so other festivals around the year I celebrate, so why stop at Christmas?

Paddington’s Non-Alcoholic Marmalade Fizz

Inspired by the release of the fantastic Paddington 2, and to live up to my husband’s affectionate nickname for me of “Grumpy Christmas Bear”, I’ve decided to create two festive drinks (one alcoholic, the other non-alcoholic) in the flavour of Paddington’s favourite – Marmalade! This is the non-alcoholic version, so the whole family can enjoy a drink together.

Mum’s Perfect Mulled Drink Recipe

Mulled wine was popularised throughout the Victorian period, and for me that festive taste places me right between the pages of a Charles Dickens novel to the cobbled streets of London on a snowy evening. Originally the natural spices and herbs were used medicinally and meant to remove the bitterness of the wine and making it more palatable, but I think wine has come a long way since then!

Sparkly Sweet Tooth Gingerbread Spread

Christmas is filled with unique, delicious and nostalgic flavours. One of my absolute favourite is Gingerbread, and unlike others like the quintessential ‘mince pie’ flavour, gingerbread something I crave and enjoy all year round! It was an absolute treat to make a gingerbread spread, and I reckon there will be plenty more batches coming to carry me through the winter.